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For Indoor Air Quality, Odor Control, and Restoration.


Lease for as low as $5 per unit per day

(on orders of 5 or more) 

Please Call Us   


The MD Clean team will  assist you with orders and delivery of multiple units. 


Enhance indoor air quality and promote health and well being with air/surface hygiene and odor control units for spaces that look, feel, and smell clean!


These quiet air purifiers are professional grade, yet designed for home, business, and occupied spaces... they do the job!


Effective at reducing bacteria, virus, mold, and odors, resulting in fresh purified air AND surfaces.










Professional Grade Air Disinfection Unit

  • Call 1-855-777-3088 for lease terms and delivery. 


    Designed for occupied buildings. 

    Great for restoration and remediation jobs. 


    14x16x10 air filter included

    90-250 CFU Fan

    Covers 1250 Sq Feet.

    HEPA air filtration, UV light, and precious metal catalyst harmonize to deliver effective air decontamination and odor control.

    MD Clean Solutions  curates a  Month by Month  lease for your convenience and precise needs. 



    Healthcare facilities: Please visit Disinfection Done Right for specific terms and conditions. 

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