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  • Revolutionize the way you maintain your hockey gear with our MD Oxide Disinfectant cleaner, designed for impeccable odor control and Disinfection. This cleaner harnesses the power of a skin friendly de-odorizer/disinfectant to eradicate bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment. From gloves to helmets, the MD Oxide cleaner penetrates deep into the fibers, eliminating lingering odors and leaving gear refreshed. Its potent disinfectant properties not only eliminate germs but also contribute to a healthier playing experience. Embrace the confidence that comes with pristine, odor-free hockey gear, courtesy of our MD Oxide Disinfectant cleaner.





  • Our MD Oxide disinfectant cleaner proves to be a game-changer in maintaining hygiene and freshness for volleyball knee pads. Specially formulated to combat odors and stains, this innovative cleaner not only eliminates bacteria but also adds a vibrant touch to the knee pads. The powerful oxide-based disinfectant ensures thorough cleaning, effectively removing unpleasant smells and preventing the growth of bacteria. As a result, volleyball players can enjoy a clean and odor-free experience,  The MD Oxide disinfectant cleaner stands as a reliable solution for both sanitation and de-odorization, enhancing the longevity and appeal of volleyball knee pads.

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